Thursday, 29 September 2011


mas ando sem paciencia e sem inspiracao para escrever no blog...
Fica aqui a nota que vou para mais um fds romantico com o meu noivo (notem a diferenca)!!

Pois, havia isso para contar...vamos casar!!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

The portuguese girls gathering...

Is about to begin!! 

And just like that 3 friends from home (Portugal) will gather in the English Midlands! For a weekend of fun,fun and more fun!! :)

I won't be writing much cause I will be busy enjoying their company!!

PS-where we are going there is no sea...(it ain't Portugal after all!!)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

it's wednesday...

but somehow feels exactly like Monday!! :(

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I had forgotten...

how much I enjoy seeing the auditions of the X-factor! Hell there are people that really can't sing and have no idea of it!! lolol

Friday, 16 September 2011

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I have been trying to get into an exercise routine for a while now, however it has been really hard! But today I arrived home and decided to jump rope for 10 min and do my abdominals...It was a lot harder than I imagined...but I will try to stick to it..I really need to lose weight and I am stuck...and i also want to be healthier, to feel more active, London takes the life out of me!!
so once more I make the compromise of trying to stick to this routine!! we'll see, I haven't exactly been very good at keeping any of this! lololol

ainda acerca de odios de estimacao...

Se ha pessoas que me enervam sao aquelas que andam sempre a lamber o cu do patrao ( sera que se pode escrever cu na blogosfera??), enfim adiante... e aqui no meu trabalho, irra que sao mais do que as maes...

Mas sera que elas/eles acham que os outros sao cegos e estupidos??  ou acham que somos todos distraidos??
1) aquele que acha que o patrao tem sempre razao, mesmo quando claramente nao tem...
2)aquela que acha que se se abanar e pestanejar o suficiente o patrao diz q sim a tudo
3) temos aquele que acha que e melhor que todos e que se estiver constantemente a dizer que e bom, nos e o patrao iremos acreditar...
4) e depois temos os outros...



And that is always a good thing!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dêem-me só aí 5 min que...

...vou ali escrever um artigo cientifico e já volto...merda de chefes e deadlines...

Monday, 12 September 2011

o blogger é mentiroso...ah pois é!

aqui o amigo blogger é um mentiroso...diz que se colocar penguin love ou new star sign no google que chegam ao meu blog...E mentira!! pois é!

ainda agora tentei e népias...lololol

Sunday, 11 September 2011

10 years ago...

The world changed, never to be the same again...

Friday, 9 September 2011

Have a great weekend everybody!

Of the things I love the most I can honestly tell you that my favourite one may be fridays...and no, it's not because the week finishes, it's because my boyfriend flies over to see me...
And in a second the loneliness transforms itself, and I don't feel it anymore!
I feel my heart full of love and companionship...and it feels good! No matter what anybody says or have said, "a man is not an island" and therefore it sucks to be alone and nobody gets used to it!
I have been doing this for a long time and it does not get easier with time, in fact if anything, it get's harder!!

But today it is Friday and I don't have to be alone least not for the weekend!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

have a nice wednesday everyone...

big thoughts...

lately I haven't been on my best self...I haven't been on my best mood!  I feel deflated, I feel like something is missing...and nothing is, but at the same time everything is...
I have a wonderful boyfriend but he is far away...I have a good job, but in order to keep it I have to be away from my boyfriend!
And I should be used to this by now, since our relationship has always been like this, together a bit apart (due to jobs) a lot...
My question is: Can a person really get used to be lonely all the time?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Trovante - Saudade Festa Avante 3 Set 2011.MOV

This is the song where my friend wrote to me! Live from Festa do Avante! Pardon the quality!

last night...

Last night I was already in bed and almost asleep when my phone rang...usually that means bad news, but not last the distant Portugal my favourite cultural festival is happening (Festa do Avante), something that is so much more than a political  festival...

but let me get back to last night, my phone rang, it was my best friend, the friend I know since I was 10...the friend that took me to Festa do Avante for the first time, the firend that no matter what is always there to hold my hand...

the phone rang as I was saying, it was a text message and it said: "tears are rolling down my eyes because you are not here with me to see Trovante...Love you!!"
This is a band that decide to reunite specially for the Festival...a really good one!

To what I answered: I wish I was there with you, have fun for me and you.I love you too!

I could sit here and tell you all the 100000000 stories we  have together, it has been 20 years of friendship, and we were always there for eachother...but I guess that would be too much to share!!

I know she comes to this blog once and a while to read it, so if you see this, I hope you know I wouldn't be the same person I am today if I have not met you in the distant year of 1991!

and that is it! :)

Ps- Real friendship is priceless! :)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

don't get desperate just yet...


just came back from the dentist and has now remembered why she doesn't like it at all...she had 2 fillings and one cleaning all done in one go..She now also have a wonky smile  because of the anaesthetic! :(  Another 2 hours to go until she returns to normal...



today is dentist day... and I absolutely hate it!
ai ai ai!
How stupid is this? Grown woman, capable of so many things and when it comes to the dentist it really freaks me out... oh well!!

just one more quick thing...

After all we can actually buy  HOPE in a jar!

lolololol Very good!

(press on the word hope and see for yourselves!)

not wanting to fuel any major or minor discussion...

but, when was it that we became these futil minds and started worrying about beauty and fashion so much?

don't get me wrong I have nothing against fashion or beauty, I myself try to keep up, but I don't get it?! Is the world such an ugly or boring place that we have to keep our minds busy with these "not so important" issues??

What is this obcession with being beautiful, being hydrated and in fashion??

(maybe it's just late and I am just tired but after doing my own creams post I couldn't help at wonder...)

Friday, 2 September 2011

the beauty...

Everybody always write on their blogs about all these creams they use for body and for face and for feet...
Being a scientist and wanting to live up to the stereotype I thought I tell you about my creams...( I have to add I am quite blessed, never had a spot or black head, I suppose that is why I don't take care)!

So here it goes:
1) Face - johnsons normal skin moisturiser
    1a) the simple line for a face mask (every other week) and the face scrub
    1b) For the eyes the Simple revitalising

2) Body- Nivea Goodbye celulitis and Shea body butter (The body shop)

And that is it...
( I have to say that I am quite lazy and a lot of times I don't take the care i should...)

And there you have it...this is taking care of your skin from the eyes of a skeptical mind!

walk yourself to health

...and the exercise continues, yes 2 miles #(3.2km) in 25 min...I am trying to put the time down to 20 mins but it may take a while, after all I am walking not running! I feel great!
I was missing exercise a lot more than I realised! :)

The idea is to try and lose 2lbs every week until all 14 that I gained are gone, and then make the miracle of maintain the weight! So far 2 are gone! I will keep you posted!

we'll see! 
PS- (since nothing hurts I guess I have to push harder)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Yes it's TRUE!! Miracles DO HAPPEN!! As I mentioned here so many times I am a perpetual dieter! Yeah, and the funny thing is that usually no matter how much I diet I never lose any weight! Whether I eat bread or not makes no difference what so ever! So after careful consideration, and after checking that there is nothing wrong with  me (hormone wise) I decided that the cause of all the weight gain of the last couple of years and the inability to lose the extra pounds was  my pill! And there you have it, I have stopped and I have now starting to lose the accumulated weight!
yes, just like that, a couple of days after coming off it I have lost 2lbs already! I don't think about food all the time and I actually feel full for longer!
After reading many many forum pages I realised I wasn't the only one! With cerazette, the pounds grow on you...1 by 1, almost as if you can't tell...and by the time you realise it you have 1 extra stone! (6.3 kg)

So for now and for a while I will continue my 6 km walks and I will be doing my 50 abdominals and I will keep on being careful with what I eat, and hopefully I will write here in a couple of months that I have lost all the extra weight!

SO as I have been putting here all the time,