Saturday, 7 May 2011



As you all know I am dieting and as I was reading I realised that loads of people that commented suggested Yoga as a good exercise to lose weight...So I decided to try... I found a youtube video with a 8 minutes yoga exercises (which you can repeat as many times as you want or can handle) which targets weight loss! I woke up today and repeated the whole thing twice. You wouldn't believe how fast my heart was beating and how hot my muscles felt!
I will continue trying as I felt that it actually did something!

I propose I do it for 1 week starting today and I will let you know of the results in one week time! Deal?

I am also dieting anyway so hopefully it will be a combined result!

I will keep in touch!

Friday, 6 May 2011

diet day 3

Day nr 3 of my diet! I started with 10 stones, 3 days ago!

And guess what I am still 10 stones!

3 days of
kellog's K with activia pooring yoghurt
1 glass of Natural orange juice

-salad and 1 boiled egg

tuna salad with no mayo, no olive oil and no patato

on top of that I snack on
1 cereal bar and 2 hrs later 1 fruit

I am taking stairs instead of lift and in the underground I actually climb the tube escalators instead of standing. After all these I haven't lost not even 100gr!! :(

plus nr 2: this is the longest I have ever been without eating bread ( about to lose composure :) )


Thursday, 5 May 2011

I'm back! Voltei...

Hey, I am back from my amazing vacations in the Baltics!
And it was wonderful! Tallinn is one of the prettiest places I have ever been! Plus to top it up the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Riga was also really nice, it is so charming...It is a different experience to go over there! The Russian influence is everywhere at least in Riga, maybe not as much in Tallinn!

I encourage everyone to go, you will not regret it! :)

But, and of course there is always a but I put on weight while being there and therefore I have arrived and I am on diet! Objective lose 6.3kg! which is basically what our british friends call 1 stone! so wish me luck! I have started an aerobics attack class and I am thinking on joining yoga (they say it effective I personally have my doubts...lolololol)!

ta ta!

Hey, estou de volta de minhas férias incríveis no Báltico!
E foi maravilhoso! Tallinn é um dos lugares mais bonitos em que eu já estive! E para ajudar a festa até o tempo estava absolutamente magnifico! Riga também foi muito bom, é tão encantador ... É uma experiência diferente ir ate ! A influência russa está em toda parte, pelo menos, em Riga, talvez não tanto em Tallinn!

Encorajo todos a ir, garanto que não se vao arrepender! :)

Mas, e é claro que há sempre um mas engordei um bocadito enquanto la estive, por conseguinte, cheguei e ja estou em dieta! Objetivo perder 6,3 kg! que é basicamente o que os nossos amigos britânicos chamam "1 stone"! Desejem-me sorte! Comecei uma aula de aeróbica ataque e estou a pensar em juntar-me ao yoga (dizem que e eficaz, pessoalmente, tenho as minhas dúvidas ... lolololol)!

ta ta!