Wednesday, 18 August 2010

pensamentos e desabafos....

Hoje vou escrever em Portugues porque 'e a minha ingua e porque estou um bocado farta de falar a lingua de sua majestade....como d'a para ver pelo principio do meu post ja tive dias pois coisas andam assim meias como e que hei-de dizer?? assim sem muito sal.... pois, talvez seja esta a melhor maneira de por coisas nem sempre correm bem ,'e verdade...sempre soube disso...sempre soube que em todos os sitios onde se trabalha as vezes gosta-se mais, as vezes gosta-se vezes gosta-se dos colegas de trabalho , as vezes nem por isso... e aqui, oh pah aqui nem 'e gostar das pessoas nem e gostar do trabalho...aqui e mesmo nem sei...nao sei se 'e a cidade, nao sei o que ' sei que ja tive dias melhores...Hoje 'e um daqueles dias em que nao me apetece estar aqui, um daqules dias em que olhar pela janela e ver cinzento me revolta as tripas...hoje e um daqueles dias em que penso "quero voltar pa casa....." enfim, e so um dia nao...amanha com sorte acordo e tudo parece melhor, tudo tem outras cores e eu nao me sentirei tao mal...sentirei me apenas so...pois porque a solidao que sinto nao vai passar...os que amo estao longe, e no pais de sua majestade fazer amigos nao e facil....e prontos!
ate a proxima!

Friday, 6 August 2010


It has been some really tough couple of days... I have been missing him...I have been trying to come back to work fully...but it is not always is going so so...thesis is still going and only so so and will power is going so so...on the other hand gym is going strong...and yesterday was tough...I decided to attend a swiss ball far so good...the class was nice and funny and it was semi-hard...but then I decided that staying for an ABS class was ok too...and what a mistake...lololol today I hardly feel anything, or on the other hand I hardly don't feel anything :) every single muscle of my body hearts...from legs to belly to neck to back...every single one of them...hell there are even some muscles hurting that I didn't even know I had! lolololol!
anyway , but as the title of my post says, the weekend is here and I have a very good friend coming to spend the weekend...I cannot wait to catch up, to talk to laugh...I am so glad she's coming...
and that is it!

I wish all my readers a great weekend!

till my next post!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

everything changes sooner or later!!

My reality changed again, and once again it changed completely, I am now living in this city of forgotten soul and my other half is living far far away...I begin to think that science is not always this rose bed that we all think it is...granted it is really nice to be involved in disscover stuff, granted it is nice to be able to say, oh you know that med or that vaccine I was involved in its discovery...but then it has the other side, the not so nice side of some point in our lifes, science (the other lady as we like to call it) makes you chose, do you want to have a life or do you want to live for science??? and that, well that it's the part i did not see coming...yes, and you say but you don't have to chose...oh yes you do, may not be now or in a year or two but eventually you will have to chose...and that makes me sad!

till mynext post!