Wednesday, 18 March 2009

surfer blog? how dare u???? lololololol :)

i was told in the other day tht my blog looks like an advert for brands like billabong or ocean pacific(surfer brands)... why? just because i have decided to give a new and fresh face to my blog?and it's spring and i thought it would be nice to put some leaves and green colours.... loolololol! but ok i understand that if some surfer sees this he'll probably think it's a surfing blog...lolololololol

but it ain't it's a blog where i can post some things meanigless and funny and a place where by writting this things i can decompress a bit! it's my blog! and it's not about surf!!!

till mynext post!

Friday, 6 March 2009

a new face for the blog...

i have decided to give a new face to this blog...found this very springy template and here we go for another adventure of trying to put everything back exactly the way it was...oh well i had to give up at some point...and assume that i won't be able to put it exactly how it was...bu i can put it very nice no matter what.... :)
so let meknow what you guys think about it...ok?

till next post