Thursday, 23 April 2009


there are days like this...
here i am trying to do the impossibles possible...trying to work and write all in one ain't easy...but what's annoying me is the fact that on saturday i realize i have what??? 6 months write and finish off everything...and i am kind of panicking...oh yes i's not all!

and what to do next? which path to follow? where shall we go?
oh well, it's one of those days where you think and question's life i guess but it's not getting easier...
i want to go back to when i was 5...lolololololol
back then i had a very very good life!!
that's all!

till my next post!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


i guess there are days where one can't stop feeling annoyed! and today it's one of those! how annoying, i woke up feeling lazy and tired from the super late night of work yesterday, and then it's this feeling of being here.. stuck....without going anywhere, without knowing what's happening next... i feel stressed, and annoyed! anyway, i think i am feeling the influence of not going home for Easter this year... and i am missing it ...5 days of L without going anywhere? not sure i will manage but ok!
will try to do some constructive over the break...maybe my dear boyfriend will have some super hiper mega nice idea and will do something really nice and cool!!

anyways, have a very nice Easter everybody!
Boa Pascoa para todos!! :)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

outra cara para o blog!another face to the blog!!

i know i know i keep on change it....but now i think i like it so it should stay like this for a while!! :)
I guess i have to much free time! lololololol!!

till my next post!