Wednesday, 17 December 2008

another year gone by....

and that's it...2008 it's almost done...another very hard, very demanding year, my 2nd year on the UK! but also a year where i traveled a lot became an i think it was a year with a positive balance! and i am hoping that next year will be much better, my partner will return to the UK, i will finish my PhD (hopefully) so everything very bright and shinny!

i finish my post by wishing everybody an amazing Christmas and a great 2009!
until next year

Monday, 15 December 2008


be careful, do not try to change the template of your blog unless is one of the accepted ones from the blogworld!! lololololol
can't tell how messy my blog got when i tried to change the template for a Xmassy one...oh my God! i was about to erase my blog...honestly...shouldn't they do some easy things to use??? i mean how hard can it be...we upload the thing and we save the changes and then....what happens??????u go to your blog and u burst with rage...cause all the things are out of place....not just out of place, also they're non existing....i got so annoyed...cost me 2hrs to revert everything back and i lost the flags...oh my god! so wise...don't change the template....otherwise...PANIC! lololololoolol

Thursday, 11 December 2008

ah just one more thing.......

it's bloody freezing!!!!

Smells like Xmas.......

i can't believe it's almost Xmas again...i really can't! 12 months more of life in the great Great Britain...and what a year it has been....but lets not talk about those things and lets concentrate in the best time of year XMAS!!! it was very nice to go to the city centre and see all the nice lights and Xmas decorations..but the best bit of all is that iam going home for the first Xmas ever with my family , my new nephew and the man of my life!! so i say bring it on!! it's Xmas time!!! :)
Merry Xmas to all and and amazing 2009!!! :)

Thursday, 4 December 2008

promises are to keep!!!!

i know i know i took to long to put the pictures of the knitting, but of course it takes time to knit lolololol!!!
but now that i know a few things i can show off...lolololol! i only have three finished but i have many more on the way...4 in progresss...i will keep my amazing readers posted! :) just take a look on the nice hat on the penguin head!
till my next post