Sunday, 20 April 2008

Great days in Cambridge!!

look at me...all crazy...running and having loads of fun...i really miss the one that took this nice pic...i wonder who...I l ove u!!yes U!!!

my decider is definetely broken!!!

Long time since i last post something on my blog and yet after all this months i have very little to say...i woke up this morning look outside and what do i see??? Grey sky, rain, cold...and i start thinking what shoul i do of my day? shall i go out? library? cinema?gym?shopping? and i realise i can't i guess my amazing boyfriend is decider is definetely broken... and i can't decide...and deep down i know i'll stay home... :)

And every time you have the will of doing something...just sit down relax and wait for the will to go!
Till the next post!!