Wednesday, 17 December 2008

another year gone by....

and that's it...2008 it's almost done...another very hard, very demanding year, my 2nd year on the UK! but also a year where i traveled a lot became an i think it was a year with a positive balance! and i am hoping that next year will be much better, my partner will return to the UK, i will finish my PhD (hopefully) so everything very bright and shinny!

i finish my post by wishing everybody an amazing Christmas and a great 2009!
until next year

Monday, 15 December 2008


be careful, do not try to change the template of your blog unless is one of the accepted ones from the blogworld!! lololololol
can't tell how messy my blog got when i tried to change the template for a Xmassy one...oh my God! i was about to erase my blog...honestly...shouldn't they do some easy things to use??? i mean how hard can it be...we upload the thing and we save the changes and then....what happens??????u go to your blog and u burst with rage...cause all the things are out of place....not just out of place, also they're non existing....i got so annoyed...cost me 2hrs to revert everything back and i lost the flags...oh my god! so wise...don't change the template....otherwise...PANIC! lololololoolol

Thursday, 11 December 2008

ah just one more thing.......

it's bloody freezing!!!!

Smells like Xmas.......

i can't believe it's almost Xmas again...i really can't! 12 months more of life in the great Great Britain...and what a year it has been....but lets not talk about those things and lets concentrate in the best time of year XMAS!!! it was very nice to go to the city centre and see all the nice lights and Xmas decorations..but the best bit of all is that iam going home for the first Xmas ever with my family , my new nephew and the man of my life!! so i say bring it on!! it's Xmas time!!! :)
Merry Xmas to all and and amazing 2009!!! :)

Thursday, 4 December 2008

promises are to keep!!!!

i know i know i took to long to put the pictures of the knitting, but of course it takes time to knit lolololol!!!
but now that i know a few things i can show off...lolololol! i only have three finished but i have many more on the way...4 in progresss...i will keep my amazing readers posted! :) just take a look on the nice hat on the penguin head!
till my next post

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

knitting knitting!!!!

i started t knit for the first time in my life over the weekend...and yesterday i finished my first project....a Purse...which is so cute! i am very proud of my work!!
i will put a picture soon!! need to buy wool though!!lololololol
till my next post!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

back to life back to reality.....

and i am back....because everything that is good ends up fast...oh...why couldn't i stay longer???why??? i wanted so was another amazing all the ones i did this year....and the only thing i can say is Thank YOU for making me smile every single day of my life!!!ah, and thanks for the croissants, the jam and the amazing bread!thanks for taking me to the island, for the romantic dinner, the roses, thanks for being who u are and for making me be who i am!! i love u!!
and sine i think u must be drulling by now...i say...
Till my next post....

won't be going anywhere so soon....or maybe i will!!! :) who knows?

Thursday, 9 October 2008

i love to travel....

here i am getting ready to once more run away from GB....but it's not because i don't like's because there are other values that reach higher, like love and here i am getting ready for a trip that i know it's going to be will energize will make me talk another language, it will make me feel GOOD!!! and ONE...cause when i'm here i don't feel one...i am the scientist, the friend, the sportist, the student, the teacher...but i can't be ONE...and there i am...because it's not where u's WHO you are with!! i am sure i will have an amazing time!! :)

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

just because she asked...

this post today is to my dear friend that commented on my last post...she wanted pictures of my nephew which i already explain...but mostly she wants to know how was greece...well in one word AMAZING!!!
here are some words that describe Greece:
romantic fun, new, resting, entertaining,beach,swim,hot,really hot,good food, nice people,smiles,home,pool,burning,carpunzi,greek,learning,loving,interesting,bday...well finally and utterly amazing!!!
i just love greece!leave u 3 or 4 pics from the best holiday i've had in the last years!!

esta sao pa ti doida!
kiss kiss

Friday, 26 September 2008

too long....

hey everybody that reads my blog...(yes you...thanks for reading it by the way) has been too long since i've last posted something...but truth to be told nothing really amazing , spectacular...extraordinary happened to me lately that deserves to be told...well unless maybe that i am an auntie now...and yes...that i must say it's extraordinary....ok, so maybe i should have written that...i should have!!SOrry! oh well, but here i am hoping that whoever read my blog wants to know about my trip to Greece, and to Portugal...(ok ok...i know u don't want....) sorry again...maybe this is not going amazing!! lololololol
so maybe i stop here, but i want to say that the weather today is good, and that i will have an amazing weekend ...definetely doing something good...or maybe not...ok so definetely maybe i will do something good...and maybe u are right...(yes you again, pretty much the only one that reads this...) this is not going well at all...and now, just to finish the week in high i will write the introduction of my thesis... (in high?????i don't have it 400 anymore...350?maybe???)
till my next post....

Friday, 25 July 2008

I am FED up...but not of YOU!

i am fed up of being away, i am fed up of being here, i'm fed up of not being there...God i'm so fed up....lololololol...but today i am not fed up of the weather...and i am not fed up of being who i am...and most importantly i am not fed up of YOU...i'm not...and only because you make me give me what i need... I love u and i miss u loads!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

And it is done!

It looks like the dark awful cloud that it was over me and all the ones i love is passing by (touch wood), and things are getting a bit better!! my brother in law is finally home, things are almost finished here in the boyfriend is coming tomorrow to see me...and yes me and my friend completed in proud 34 min the 5 km race to raise money for Cancer research..even though was raining like hell and it looked like the sky was upset with us...but yes was good and gave both of us a very nice feeling so we're happy!!and there is a picture..but for some reason i can't upload it just yet...i woill post it later ok? promise!
until my next post!!
today i just need to sleep....

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

not everything can be bad!

i know i usually write about funny things...or things that happened to me...but lately my life hasn't been very funny so i haven't got much funny things to talk about...but i want to say that my brother in law is a bit better even though he is still in the hospital and he is still staying there for at least 7 days more...:( but al least he is responding to antibiotics and the infection is decreasing....something positive for a change :)!

Also ( and because not everything can be bad) i am writing to say that i have decided to do my good deed this year so i am running the race for life (cancer research) on july the 6th! oh my GOd what was  thinking about?5Km!! oh yesterday was the first outside practice 5 km around the pretty victoria Park...(almost died)...but anyway me and my good friend Fred manage to do it in something like 35 min! :) so we guess that we will manage on sunday!
i will finish this post by saying that u can sponsor me for that race on 
DO your good deed this year!! help whoever needs more!!everything helps...even 1£ !!

till my next post!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

sad sad sad....

i haven't had the most amazing days lately...and i feel so worried brother in law is in the hospital back in portugal and i am's such an impotence feeling!! Feel so worried and sad! that's when i don't like to be in england...i really don't !! i would love to be there where i belong...miss portugal and my family...and my partner...miss everybody!! i'm sad!! BLoody weekend it's not proving much better than the week! anyway...

till my next post!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

this post today is different!

i want to dedicate this post to one of my best the moment her life is upside down but still she has strenght and courage...she has what it takes to face this horrible situation .. and that's why i want to write this...that's why i've decided she deserves to be honored in my blog!!
I like u so so so much ANA, can't tell you how proud i am of you! 
Courage and my friend do not lose HOPE...EVER...cause miracles do happen!
millions of kisses!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

and that's it...

and that's it ...TRUE...the dream of becoming Kings of Europe was one more time gone...and all due to the german team...which not playing perfectly played enough to send the heroes of Portugal HOME!!! lolololololol
it's even funny because as usual the press in Portugal made the same old movie that we are so good, and that we have so many chances...but in the end it's always the same....we never get far...apart from when it was in Portugal but even then the greeks made their part...and the dream became smoke again..i find it so amusing...really i's like if we (portugal) didn't have real problems to focus's only the football that matters...amusing...rather amusing...anyway...PORTUGAL better luck next time! 
i know Cristiano...what happened???

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

i'm back!!after all this time!

yup...after all this travelling i am back to Leicester...where the sky is not always blue..but well i came back and i so need to rest...because i said before i went to Iceland...and there it's always sun, and even though o bought a mask to sleep i wasn't lucky (what a surprise) and the elsatic was too tight giving me acute i had no other choice but try to sleep with a sun at 2.00am that looks that i am  ready to start the day...but to be really honest i didn't manage... so when i went to Poitiers the first day was really hard...and i never tought i would be so happy for seeing the night...and the moon...God, i moved to England...but to Iceland never !!!

I also did another trip...went to Poitier France...very very very nice...and now i am back to Lesta!but soon i will be fying to greece...don't even want to think on my carbon footprint...lolololol! one of this days i will have to pay some tax for flying so much...lololololol
that's it....till my next post!
ah, by the way, the water in iceland smells fart! :p

Saturday, 24 May 2008

I think a witch just looked at me...

DO you know when u wake up and u know imediately that it's not your day? So that's my day's definetly not my day...and i think that it kind of affected my Boyfriend as it's also not his day...

But because i am a woman i guess i did what every other NORMAL woman would do...i was depressed and feeling sorry for myself so i said let's go shopping...well and i bought a few things...and i know they say shopping is not the cure for feminine depression but ....i feel SO MUCH better...

till my next post....

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

because i don't my readers to say that i don't keep promises...

I DO!!! here are some very nice pics from a very nice country...the weather was amazing and the company even stop Reykjavic...and then Poitiers...i'm such a tourist...and then i say i am doing a phD!!!ehhhh!!!

till the next pics from my next trip!!


Friday, 2 May 2008

for as good as the UK may country is always better!!

and that's am i getting ready to go to Portugal for more fun and holidays! after a terrible week i deserve...after minor surgery, exams..and results to be...i think i deserve to just sit back and relax...after all i don't know what's it's going to happen when i come now it's bye bye Uk and ola Portugal!! and how happy io am for time i post there will be pictures...

till the next post!!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Great days in Cambridge!!

look at me...all crazy...running and having loads of fun...i really miss the one that took this nice pic...i wonder who...I l ove u!!yes U!!!

my decider is definetely broken!!!

Long time since i last post something on my blog and yet after all this months i have very little to say...i woke up this morning look outside and what do i see??? Grey sky, rain, cold...and i start thinking what shoul i do of my day? shall i go out? library? cinema?gym?shopping? and i realise i can't i guess my amazing boyfriend is decider is definetely broken... and i can't decide...and deep down i know i'll stay home... :)

And every time you have the will of doing something...just sit down relax and wait for the will to go!
Till the next post!!