Friday, 29 May 2009

Women- the superior being!

lately it's only stress....1st i was told you have a poster in the switzerland meeting, then the email, after all you have been chosen for oral presentation, then i get the email saying, your 3rd year seminar of the phD is on the 27th...and all of the sudden i have to prepare for all this, and of course one stresses....cause, i still have to do all the other things....experiments, writting the thesis, clean the house...alll th things that women have to do...all these things!!and now take a minute to imagine this...i have no kids yet, what if i had???? i honestly don't know how my mum did our mums manage to do this things all the time...being a mum, a professional, a wife...
being a women is good in good days, but there are other days....
till my next post...after the meeting in switzerland :)