Friday, 25 July 2008

I am FED up...but not of YOU!

i am fed up of being away, i am fed up of being here, i'm fed up of not being there...God i'm so fed up....lololololol...but today i am not fed up of the weather...and i am not fed up of being who i am...and most importantly i am not fed up of YOU...i'm not...and only because you make me give me what i need... I love u and i miss u loads!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

And it is done!

It looks like the dark awful cloud that it was over me and all the ones i love is passing by (touch wood), and things are getting a bit better!! my brother in law is finally home, things are almost finished here in the boyfriend is coming tomorrow to see me...and yes me and my friend completed in proud 34 min the 5 km race to raise money for Cancer research..even though was raining like hell and it looked like the sky was upset with us...but yes was good and gave both of us a very nice feeling so we're happy!!and there is a picture..but for some reason i can't upload it just yet...i woill post it later ok? promise!
until my next post!!
today i just need to sleep....

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

not everything can be bad!

i know i usually write about funny things...or things that happened to me...but lately my life hasn't been very funny so i haven't got much funny things to talk about...but i want to say that my brother in law is a bit better even though he is still in the hospital and he is still staying there for at least 7 days more...:( but al least he is responding to antibiotics and the infection is decreasing....something positive for a change :)!

Also ( and because not everything can be bad) i am writing to say that i have decided to do my good deed this year so i am running the race for life (cancer research) on july the 6th! oh my GOd what was  thinking about?5Km!! oh yesterday was the first outside practice 5 km around the pretty victoria Park...(almost died)...but anyway me and my good friend Fred manage to do it in something like 35 min! :) so we guess that we will manage on sunday!
i will finish this post by saying that u can sponsor me for that race on 
DO your good deed this year!! help whoever needs more!!everything helps...even 1£ !!

till my next post!