Tuesday, 28 October 2008

knitting knitting!!!!

i started t knit for the first time in my life over the weekend...and yesterday i finished my first project....a Purse...which is so cute! i am very proud of my work!!
i will put a picture soon!! need to buy wool though!!lololololol
till my next post!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

back to life back to reality.....

and i am back....because everything that is good ends up fast...oh...why couldn't i stay longer???why??? i wanted so much....it was another amazing trip...like all the ones i did this year....and the only thing i can say is Thank YOU for making me smile every single day of my life!!!ah, and thanks for the croissants, the jam and the amazing bread!thanks for taking me to the island, for the romantic dinner, the roses, thanks for being who u are and for making me be who i am!! i love u!!
and sine i think u must be drulling by now...i say...
Till my next post....

won't be going anywhere so soon....or maybe i will!!! :) who knows?

Thursday, 9 October 2008

i love to travel....

here i am getting ready to once more run away from GB....but it's not because i don't like britain...it's because there are other values that reach higher, like love and friendship....so here i am getting ready for a trip that i know it's going to be AMAZING...it will energize me....it will make me talk another language, it will make me feel GOOD!!! and ONE...cause when i'm here i don't feel one...i am the scientist, the friend, the sportist, the student, the teacher...but i can't be ONE...and there i am...because it's not where u are...it's WHO you are with!! i am sure i will have an amazing time!! :)