Saturday, 28 June 2008

sad sad sad....

i haven't had the most amazing days lately...and i feel so worried brother in law is in the hospital back in portugal and i am's such an impotence feeling!! Feel so worried and sad! that's when i don't like to be in england...i really don't !! i would love to be there where i belong...miss portugal and my family...and my partner...miss everybody!! i'm sad!! BLoody weekend it's not proving much better than the week! anyway...

till my next post!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

this post today is different!

i want to dedicate this post to one of my best the moment her life is upside down but still she has strenght and courage...she has what it takes to face this horrible situation .. and that's why i want to write this...that's why i've decided she deserves to be honored in my blog!!
I like u so so so much ANA, can't tell you how proud i am of you! 
Courage and my friend do not lose HOPE...EVER...cause miracles do happen!
millions of kisses!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

and that's it...

and that's it ...TRUE...the dream of becoming Kings of Europe was one more time gone...and all due to the german team...which not playing perfectly played enough to send the heroes of Portugal HOME!!! lolololololol
it's even funny because as usual the press in Portugal made the same old movie that we are so good, and that we have so many chances...but in the end it's always the same....we never get far...apart from when it was in Portugal but even then the greeks made their part...and the dream became smoke again..i find it so amusing...really i's like if we (portugal) didn't have real problems to focus's only the football that matters...amusing...rather amusing...anyway...PORTUGAL better luck next time! 
i know Cristiano...what happened???

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

i'm back!!after all this time!

yup...after all this travelling i am back to Leicester...where the sky is not always blue..but well i came back and i so need to rest...because i said before i went to Iceland...and there it's always sun, and even though o bought a mask to sleep i wasn't lucky (what a surprise) and the elsatic was too tight giving me acute i had no other choice but try to sleep with a sun at 2.00am that looks that i am  ready to start the day...but to be really honest i didn't manage... so when i went to Poitiers the first day was really hard...and i never tought i would be so happy for seeing the night...and the moon...God, i moved to England...but to Iceland never !!!

I also did another trip...went to Poitier France...very very very nice...and now i am back to Lesta!but soon i will be fying to greece...don't even want to think on my carbon footprint...lolololol! one of this days i will have to pay some tax for flying so much...lololololol
that's it....till my next post!
ah, by the way, the water in iceland smells fart! :p