Saturday, 19 November 2011


Been back for a while...Krakow was amazing, however I don't have the pics with me to post as least not yet, as soon as I have them I will put them up!

Got to say, I loved Krakow!!It is an amazing city, vibrant, cultural, super's exactly how I like it...

My advice to all of you, TRAVEL as much as you can...nothing makes us grow more than to be exposed to other cultures!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

ah, just one more thing..

I am off to Krakow!!! See u soon!!! :)

This blog was meant to become the "Meca" of weddings, instead I nearly gave up on it...I don't feel like writting at all, I don't want to write about weddings, in fact lately Idon't want to write at all...
Many times I thought on giving up, it's not like the blog is mega successful, it's not like I have one million followers, but for some reason, I can't give up!!

The problem with this blog is that  it was created from me to me...not to others,the others, they are just a nice bonus, and for that reason, I can't write about fashion, or any theme...I don't have the capacity of turning it on any themed blog, the only thing I can do is to write about random things!!

So, for the very few that come to my blog and read, thank you for putting up with me and my bad writting!! And I will try to keep a more updated registry!! :)