Monday, 17 May 2010

the tube...

The tube is one of the nicest things to travel in London no doubts about that...but it has so many wrong things with it as well that it becomes comical...for example, you are supposed to stare at the void, the empty space, but how am I supposed to do that when there's a person 2 cm away from my face? and let's be realistic, which void?which empty space? travelling on the London undergroung gives us the inside knowledge of how sardines feel inside the can....A couple of days ago, there I was reading a book while traveling (yes cause either I read or I am forced to stare at the person in front of me...and of course because I am trying to integrate I read !!), and then, what do I feel? This guy with about 2 meters or so decides that a good place to put his newspaper was on top of my head...and I was wondering...can he see me??? I know I am not exactly tall but ....HELLO I AM HERE!! instead I decided to start blowing at his newspaper...I was upset i felt like yelling...but that's the tube...that's one of the great things of traveling on the tube..another thing that really annoys me on the tube is that the doors open and everybody tries to go in and everybody stays on the door...nobody not a single person makes a move to the corridor...why my GOD??? loads of free space on the corridor and we are all on top of eachother on the door....honestly, the tube is great but dare I say can really really annoy you!!!

So the dare stays here on this blog, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SMILED AT SOMEONE ON THE LONDON UNDERGROUND??? If you, yes you, if you read this blog, next time you are in London, on the tube please smile at every single passenger, and please don't stare at the void...stare at the person in front of you, or on your left or right...but please STARE at SOMETHING OTHER than the VOID!!!!

till my next post!