Thursday, 29 January 2009

Small correction...

I've discover i have 8 vices....
8- Coffee
Pros: i love it in every caller size or shape...lololololol makesm y headache disappear!
Cons: i am addicted to it!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

challenges on the blog world -the 7 vices

ok!! there are some challenges going on the blog world, the 1st one i was told about is called the 7 vices! u are supposed to be able to identify 7 vices of yours and then state pros and cons of your vice... so here it goes...

1- chocolate
Pros- makes me feel good
Cons- makes u put on weight (the price one has to pay)
2- shopping
Pros- takes me out of the blue mood!
Cons- makes you spend too much money and feel depressed when i realise my size is not 10 anymore!!!
Pros-make your mind drift away
Cons- makes me understand that my life is not a fairy tail....damn u sex and the city!!
4- Books
Pros- it's so nice to read a good and inspiring book- makes u feel good!!!!
Con- because whaterstones has 3 for the price of 2 always end up buying 3...making me spend more money (still cheaper then buy only 1 in portugal!!!)
5- Bags- i love bags of all shapes and sizes
Pros- always have inside what i need
cons- it's always so heavy!!
6-Geo challenge on facebook
pros- increase your geography knowledge
cons- makes me loose time at work!!!
pros- makes me happy because i chat with friends
cons- makes me spend too much time in the internet!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Combat and core

description of the class in one word :OH MY GOD...
and that's it, i thought i was going to die...but i will start from the begining... yesterday after work i decided to go and try one of the new classes for the spring term Combat and core, ( well at least new for me), and what happens is that this class is literally 1hour of deep suffering...and sojust like that 15 min after the class started i was about to die...couldn't lift my hands anymore couldn't lift my legs anymore...just couldn't do anything....and for 1 second there thought that was it....the class is very good don't get me wrong..i guess that if your goal is burn calories that's the one to go...most definetely! but be careful!! lolololol
till next post!


everybody knows why i keep this blog...well at least i like to think that i know why i keep the blog..
1)to let my friends know what i've been up to
2) to complain about life and every little dodgy aspect of it...

But, i've come to realize that i haven't been a very faithful writer...i come here i write a few things and that's it...i don;t say a lot....i actually came to realize that i say nothing...or at least nothing that my faithful readers i'm sorry...i promise i will try to keep my focus....and just because of that my next post will be a truthful insite of how my body combat class was!!! but that's next....not just yet! :)

Monday, 19 January 2009

and because i know she's going to ask....PHOTOS!!!

Anti- climax....

i guess eveybody knows how it is...after some amazing holidays, coming back to work it's a bit like an anti-climax thing...u don't feel energetic, u feel like u want to change job, life, house, but slowly u come to realize that u just to adjust some effort and get back to life...but it's hard...i woke up with that feeling of..."what am i doing here""why do i have to go to work?" honestly..lolololol
but at least i have decided that i will get the strenght and do my final experiments...and like Obama sas, can i finish this PhD on time??? YES I CAN!

till my next post!!