Monday, 30 July 2007


i know i was supposed to write everyday...and i was supposed to write nice things but in the last few days i haven't been able to write nice stuff only boring and almost allways the same...and of course this has a reason...and the reason is that these days have been very very boring...lololol but after all what can i do? this is my work and what i have to do is wait and wait...some of us would get bored if they have to much to do...i do get bored if i have nothing to do...oh well that's life in this amazing day amazing..another day BORIIIINNNNGGGG!!

Let's hope that tomorrow i'm ina better mood!!and write cheerfull stuff...lololol

The sun is they say!!

Nothing to say...the title says everything!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Reminders of how the sun looks like!!

this is only to remind all the viewers of my blog how the sun looks like!!! :)

SUN...after all this days...

I said that i will try to post something every i am to give u some update of the weather...It seems that the next few days it's going to be better so what shall we do???? go out...get some sun ...have some fun...cause what is good finishes!!
Nice weekend for everybody!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Being a scientist....

Today it has been one day of hell...even though it's the first day of my blog today it's going to be registerd for posterity as a day of hell...
My assay is waiting and waiting...and getting bored and bored...:(
who said that being a scientist is fun and challenging all the time?????it's not...sometimes it's really boring...
But then we have those other days...the ones that are really good and make all this waiting worth something...and we forget all the rest...and just smile and smile!!!
And we convince ourselves again that we can save the world... :p
Science is the only thing that no matter what u see u might get something else....


PS the weather is clearing up just now!!!! :)


Welcome to my new blog!!! I will try to use this blog to let u know how i am feeling and what's happening on the UK...i can't promise that i will make it!!lolololol but iwill try!!
So, I declare open the my blog!!!