Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Preparing a wedding is not just getting the papers, the rings, the wedding dress and the suit for the na ninanao!!

It is such hard are meant to start 18 months in advance, which means I am already late (8 months late to be exact)...and then you need to:
1) decide the date 
2) decide who to invite
3) book the church
4) find the venue
5) book the venue
6) get wedding dress
7) buy rings
8) send the save the date
9) send the invitations
10) decide on the theme for the venue...

and the list goes on and on...OMG, it such hard work!! honestly!

and then, let me tell you the wedding dresses are difficult...there are really nice ones, but there are others that are HORRIBLE...

Hard hard work...All of the sudden Vegas doesn't look so bad anymore!! lolololol

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